Hall, Garrad Room, Committee Room

The Main Hall

The main hall is approximately 15 by 9 metres it is well lit by overhead lighting and windows on both sides. The room can take up to 200 people dancing or 160 seated. There is a fully equipped stage, useful for presentations, musical groups , talks, stage productions  ect. The hall is licensed for entertainment but hirers are expected to obtain their own alcohol licence if drinks are to be sold on the premises. Hirers are recommended to speak to the booking secretary should a licensed bar be required.  The french windows provide access to paved area and then on to the recreation field.

The toilets, male and female, are to be found in the reception area where there is a small cloakroom with hanging rail for wet coats.  The "Access for All" loo has baby changing  changing facilities.  

There is a full sized projector installed with a large drop down screen.   The projector and screen are available for events but as they require a trained operater it is best to speak to the booking secretary.

There is Wi-Fi installed which is password protected.   Again,  if you require information please speak to the booking secretary. 




 Main Kitchen

The main kitchen, just off the main hall, is fully equipped with a large cooker, fridge-freezer, dishwasher and constant boiling hot water. Crockery and cutlery is included in the hiring charges.  It may be best if you provide your own glassware.  

Note:  There is a glass recycling area close to the centre but if it is dark when your booking ends please leave the bottles in a box which the caretaker will remove at a later stage.





 The Garrad Room

The Garrad Room has it's own separate entrance but is connected to the Main Hall via a double door. The dimensions of the Garrad Room are 7m by 7m, and may be book separately or as a  complement the Main Hall.  It is large enough to take 50 people  as a seated audience. There are chairs and tables available but if you require a lay out which is specific to your needs please speak to the bookings officer.   The room has a separate modest kitchen and is useful for children’s parties or smaller activities.  The Garrad Room is useful should your function in the main hall be large enough to require a licenced bar. 

Although access to the whole facility is acceptable there is a slope up to the Garrad Room.

There is a small computer operated projector and screen.   There is also a voice amplifier with clip on or hand held microphone.  


 The Committee Room

A room at the rear of the building intended to be used as a small  meeting room with limited facilities.  It can take 12 to 15 people easily and would be  useful should you require use of a small descreet space.   As it has its own separate entrance with access to a kitchen and toilet it can be used without disturbing other users of the Community Centre.



The facilities are given a thorough clean by the caretakers throughout the week. However we would ask hirers to leave the hall at the end of the hiring period, "as you would wish to find it." This is especially important when one booking  hands over to another without the time or the  opportunity for the caretakers to clean the hall. There are cleaning materials kept in cupboards  at both end of the building;  for the main hall they are in a tall cupboard in the main kitchen and in the Garrad Room in a similar cupboard in the toilet.   It would assist everybody if at the end of a function or booking the chairs and tables be returned to the storage cupboard or stacked for the caretaker. 



There is an unlocked room next door to the main kitchen which contains two large wheely bins.   These are emptied by the Council on a weekly basis.   The Parish Council also run a glass recycling facility at the far end of  the car park.

The moderately large car park is run by the Parish Council and, apart from a dedicated area for emergency vehicles for the Community Centre,  parking is on a first come first served basis.